ICC For Real Estate

ICC-Real Estate
Interactive call center customized for the real estate industry

Created by Audio Images, Interactive Call Center provides the most innovative products and services available today with solutions that are modular in nature that push the edge of technology.
Our automated interactive system allows customers to quickly get answers, request information or a service call, and much more. Front End to Customer Service application saves money by minimizing the calls that go to a live operator.
The versatility and design of ICC has allowed us to customize the system for multiple industries, including real estate, property management, and call centers. From touch-tone IVR to interactive notifications and automated customer service, ICC’s powerful automated customer contact solutions deliver dramatic results for your company.
ICC offers three “all-inclusive” packages for your convenience. Please review these packages in the rate section. Our services can include production and formatting to your specifications in English, French and Spanish voice talents.
ICC receive call example:
Thank you for calling Brookview. I am sorry we are not available to answer your call. If you wish to hear all the reasons for choosing Brookview for your next apartment/ home, please press one(1). For all maintenance related matters please press two(2), For all lock outs and/or for courtesy patrol press three(3), if you would like to leave a message with the office, please press zero(0)…..Thank you.