Message On Hold Products
Professional mixing of music content and voice talent. We have a large selection of music styles to choose from, and offer a wide variety of voice talent in English, French, and Spanish languages.
Technologically advanced equipment with remote monitoring and maintenance. You won’t have to worry about uploading new messages, swapping cassettes, or complicated installations – we remotely administer and maintain all your on-hold equipment off-site. In addition, you are receiving the very latest in digital technology available.
Nothing to Buy, Nothing to Sign Don’t worry about getting locked into a contract, we offer you a complete turn-key Message on Hold system for one low monthly rate. Check out our rate page for pricing.
Low monthly advertising costs with significant return on investment, consider Message on Hold; the last link in your advertising chain. You already invest a significant amount of your hard-earned revenue on advertising and when a client calls, they need to be informed and entertained while on hold, or their next call might be your competition.