Do I need to purchase equipment from you to use this service?
No, we provide you free use of the on hold equipment that you need as a part of our service package to you. The equipment we provide includes a 100% replacement warranty. You can be certain that you will always have a superior sound without skips in service. However, we do offer a variety of equipment and products that we can sell directly to you.

What happens if my equipment breaks or is damaged?
As part of our service, we offer free replacement of your unit. We will ship a replacement unit to you immediately and provide a pre­paid return label to have the old unit shipped back to us at our cost.

Will it work on my telephone system?
Yes. We can work with your telephone system to find a way to provide you our service. Most phone systems are moh (music on hold) compatible without any additional interface hardware needed. If you have any concerns or questions regarding compatibility with your own telephone system, please call and we can help. We’ll use our resources to do some research for you and let you know the specifics of your telephones system’s capabilities

What kind of voices are used?
A pool of professional voice talents is used to voice your custom messages. Specialty voices, character voices, accents and foreign language talents are also available. Our experienced staff will help match the style and type of voice to best match your image and meet your needs.

Do you have Bilingual-speaking voice talents available?
Yes, French recordings are available in our “bilingual” packages.  We also offer most other languages and can provide samples upon request.  Foreign languages carry additional fees, so please contact us for a custom quote.  For all languages, we recommend that you provide a translation from the English script, or we can have it translated by a professional company for a reasonable fee.  Contact us for further details or a custom quote.

What kind of music is available?
An extensive music library is available. Selections range from blues to country, jazz to swing and Bach to rock! There is an almost endless supply of music available to enhance your organization’s image, including a variety of specialty and holiday selections. All music licensing fees are included in the service.

Who writes the script?
Our experienced staff of writers will compose a program designed specifically for your business. Copywriting is included as part of our service. Our staff of writers will create custom messages from any resource material that you provide; company brochures, print ads, newsletters, websites and our industry files. However, you can get involved in the writing process as much or as little as you want. Some companies prefer to provide us with their complete copy

How often should I change my on-hold message?
Maintaining variety and keeping your programming fresh and current is the key to successful on-hold marketing. Our exclusive system is designed to give you complete control of your on hold messaging experience so that you can make changes and update your system as desired.

Do you work with Interconnect Companies?
Audio Images values volume requests from Interconnect Companies. Please give us a call to enquire about incentive plans. There’s no selling necessary. Just provide us with qualified leads. Give us a call to discuss today!