You can’t make a smart business decision without first considering the alternatives. Once you do, we believe you’ll see why Message on Hold is a sound investment – and why we say Audio Images offers “the very best value in on-hold, guaranteed!”
Dead Silence
Giving your customers or prospects the silent treatment is the worst thing you can do! Callers left in silence become frustrated quickly, and it’s likely that many callers will fear they’ve been disconnected. Studies show that 60% of callers put on “silent hold” hang up within the first minute – half within the first 40 seconds – and that 30% of first time callers put on “silent hold” never call back.
Playing the Radio or Store-bought CDs
Playing the radio or a commercial CD may cost you more than you think! The law requires you to pay licensing and/or royalty fees for any music you play on your phone system. SOCAN is a watchdog group that collects royalties and re-broadcasting fees whenever unlicensed music is used for business purposes. Fines can be astronomical ranging from $500 to $100,000 per musical piece.

In addition, if you play the radio or CDs, you have no control over what your callers hear. What if a caller doesn’t care for the station’s format, or share your taste in music? Don’t be surprised if they end up hearing the Emergency Broadcasting System, demanding shock jocks, political views they disagree with, jokes in poor taste, or worse…an ad from your competitor!
Canned Music
Some companies offer overpriced “music-only” services via satellite, or even worse, “buyout” music CDs that don’t promote your products or services, and that aren’t customized for your business. And let’s face it – hearing muzak-style elevator music on hold is boring! Not only are you missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity, you may be driving customers away!